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TAR 23: Nicky Getz & Kim DeJesus "Baseball Wives and Friends"

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My FAV FF ever <33333

They were so robbed for not being ask back for all star.  :( :(  But whatever, I'm glad that they don't have to participate in that horrid route and cast. lol

Hope they're back in the next returning season. <33333 It's been around 2 years but I still can't get over their elimination.  :'(  MISS BOAT BY 2 SECOND! TIM & MARIE U-TURN THEM OVER 3++ MORE TEAM THAT ARE STRONGER THAN THEM!

Random Bunny lovebump too tbh <3

I was really disappointed they weren't cast on TAR24 (they were my faves next to Marie TBH) but even with them on it, TAR24 would have been a complete disaster so yay bunnies <3

Return for the next returnees please <3


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