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TAR 23: Nicky Getz & Kim DeJesus "Baseball Wives and Friends"

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Mister RC:
Pretty much sucks that they were the better of the two F/F teams, and less boring.  I wasn't too upset over their boot, since they were spared, but it did suck to see them go.

Since UB these two girls have been my second favourite FF team! They are totally what the race is about, wealthy or not.

My FAV FF ever <33333

They were so robbed for not being ask back for all star.  :( :(  But whatever, I'm glad that they don't have to participate in that horrid route and cast. lol

Hope they're back in the next returning season. <33333 It's been around 2 years but I still can't get over their elimination.  :'(  MISS BOAT BY 2 SECOND! TIM & MARIE U-TURN THEM OVER 3++ MORE TEAM THAT ARE STRONGER THAN THEM!

Random Bunny lovebump too tbh <3

I was really disappointed they weren't cast on TAR24 (they were my faves next to Marie TBH) but even with them on it, TAR24 would have been a complete disaster so yay bunnies <3

Return for the next returnees please <3


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