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TAR 23: Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran "Cousins"

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I like these guys! They can do very well.

Hate this team, so annoying! :res:

I like what I read on the other thread. Hate it when they are rude to each other, but love it when they always try to piss Marie off. Makes me re-think about how it's just innate in some people that they just take things easily and like to make fun out of most things.

I'm liking them a little better, and I think I'm the only one, but the whole husband and wifey thing with Ally and Ashley is great for me. <3

They don't just treat them as people who are disposable, but they make sure they tell them every single clue and such. It's nice to watch some race love at times.

I don't really see what they've done wrong. Planting seeds can be a good strategy, but when it comes to the Uturn they'll wanna be there first.

I agree. I think they are just enjoying the Race!


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