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Exclusive: 'The Amazing Race's Hoskote Venkatesh and Naina Venkatesh talk (Part 1)
By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 09/30/2013

The Amazing Race eliminated Hoskote Venkatesh and Naina Venkatesh during Sunday night's premiere broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 23rd season.
The "Father and Daughter" became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's first Pit Stop at the Teatro Municipal De Iquique in Iquique, Chile in last place.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Hoskote and Naina talked about their The Amazing Race experience and early ouster. Below is the first half of their interview. Check back with us on Tuesday for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: How far behind Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer do you think you finally arrived at the Pit Stop?

Hoskote Venkatesh: To be honest with you, I'm not sure.

Naina Venkatesh: Yeah, I mean, after we realized that they were pretty much done with the Roadblock. It really honestly didn't feel like it mattered anymore to finish the task in any amount of time that we wanted to, because we knew that we were going to be eliminated, so there was no rush.

Reality TV World: It seemed like you fell behind the pack -- who were on your same flight -- when Naina, you were looking for your father's landing spot as he was paragliding. Once you reunited, Naina, you told him you thought the cab driver might've taken a longer route, so what exactly happened there?

Naina Venkatesh: Well I can only assume, right? So there was obviously a language barrier, but I tried my best to tell him to hurry up and get there as quickly as possible with my limited amount of Spanish. But I got a really bad feeling as we -- a few minutes after we left the area when he started calling people and taking all these quick turns.

It did seem like a very convoluted route to get there. I don't think the organizers of the Race would do something so intricate, and the route to actually go pick up my Dad, the fact that I left second and when I arrived there and he said, "Oh the last team left a good 15-20 minutes ago," I was speechless.

But in my timing, I felt like I knew something was wrong. There was a ride in the taxi where I felt like he didn't really know where he was going.

Reality TV World: Any idea how much time you spent driving around?

Naina Venkatesh: Not really because I was just worried. I just wanted to get there as quickly as possible. I've never been to Iquique, so I could only muster so much enthusiasm and direction in that location because I've never been there before. But it did feel like a lot longer than it needed to be.

Reality TV World: It seemed like you both didn't read the second Roadblock task's clue carefully enough and Hoskote was supposed to do the task when you, Naina, started it. How quickly did you realize the wrong person was doing the task and you had to switch? The show edited it to appear like Naina, you realized you had made a mistake almost immediately.

Naina Venkatesh: Well actually, yeah, the show portrayed it as reading the clue incorrectly, which we initially did. However, what wasn't shown on-camera is actually right after, we realized immediately that my Dad had to do it. But the fact that I actually did the task was very deliberate. Brandon had finished, so we pretty much knew that we were going to be eliminated.

And I had done nothing all day. I was pretty much just riding airplanes and sitting in taxis, and the fact that I would've left this experience having done nothing wasn't acceptable to me nor my Dad.

I wanted to do something that would be memorable so that I could have at least some kind of experience in Iquique. So my Dad, being as loving and as adoring of me as he is, he basically said, "You do the task. I want you to have some sort of experience here." And he's just a wonderful Dad like that, that he didn't want me to miss out on anything.

So I went ahead and did the task, and there just came a point basically where I got tired and it was getting late and we had to wrap up. So I just came on back and my Dad finished the task, and despite what may have been shown, it was actually already pretty late. In Iquique, it's winter there, so it gets dark really fast. So people assumed that he took a very long time to do it. He actually did it quite quickly.

Reality TV World: If you both had known prior to the paragliding task that the person to paraglide must also be the person to do the rowboat Roadblock task, do you think you would've made the same choice and had Hoskote do both or no?

Hoskote Venkatesh: It's self-serving, but I just adore this young lady, and so I wanted her to get as much -- because both of us love the show to death. It should get an Emmy every year as far as I'm concerned. It's the best reality show on television, so we wanted her and me -- but more her than me -- to get all the experience that we can get adventure-wise.

So when we realized that the first clue was a little bit convoluted, I thought she was going to do the paragliding. But when I realized that she was the one who was going to take the ride in the taxi, then I realized the second time that I would have to do the other one too and I'd get to do the boating.

But I wanted her [to do it] because she had done nothing all day, so I said, "Let her do it. We already lost anyway, so I would like to have her have some fun!" So I had her do the task.

Reality TV World: You both seemed athletic and adventurous, and Naina, you admitted you wanted to paraglide but you thought it'd be a great opportunity for your Dad. If you had stayed in the Race, do you think you two would both kind of fight over the thrilling, scary tasks -- or did either of you bring certain strengths to the table you'd take into account when choosing who does what Roadblock, like maybe one of you has a better memory than the other or something like that?

Naina Venkatesh: Certainly. Certainly. When it came to more of the adventure stuff, when we were pretty much in tandem with someone else and it was jumping out of airplanes or rappelling or ziplining -- we probably would've been fighting over that, because we're both very much adrenaline junkies.

We seek adventure and we're not afraid of anything, because we know that we're not going to get hurt. And why pass up an opportunity like this?

However, when it comes to things like memory and eating and more skilled things like that, we definitely had our partition on who would do what. I would do the eating tasks and probably the memory tasks.

However, my Dad obviously being a man, he's stronger than I am. So he probably would've done more of the physical tasks because he could finish it a lot quicker. So we did have a strategy going in. Unfortunately, our experience was cut short. (Laughs)

We could go on as to why it happened to us. We had very bad luck. America didn't really get to see what we were capable of. We were a force to be reckoned with. I really think so. And given the circumstances that we were put in, it just didn't come out. And if we had had the opportunity to not have that significant delay in flight, that really, really put us behind.

And the fact that the taxi also put us significantly behind as well, just everything went wrong with the things that were kind of out of our control.

Above is the first half of Hoskote and Naina's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Check back with us on Tuesday for the concluding portion.


Elimination Interview: Hoskote and Naina
Posted on Sep 30, 2013 05:05pm.

Hoskote and Naina talk answered YOUR questions about the Race and talk about being the first team eliminated from the game.

Charleigh R: Even if it was short lived, would you do it again if they did a episode and brought teams back from all episodes that were eliminated in the 1st round?
Hoskote: Absolutely, we would love to do the show again. We were so prepared and we need a chance to redeem ourselves. We have all the skills necessary to go all the way. In different circumstances we could have done it. This is my favorite reality show and I just wish I could prove what we are capable of.
Naina: Absolutely, in a heartbeat we would do this again. We left the competition early and there were a lot of things we didn't get to do. We didn't enter the competition to leave first and would return in a heartbeat.

Holly B: I know that you weren't racing for very long, but I feel like even one leg would be better then none. That being said, what was your favorite/ most memorable part of the experience?
Naina: Probably just the overall experience of doing it together. We are very grateful for this opportunity and we worked hard to get there. We followed the show for so long and we are very blessed to be here. I think just doing it with my dad was the best.
Hoskote: I want to thank the whole team for having the confident and trust to select us. We dreamt of this for years and wish we could have done better. We'd love to come back and have another chance to show what we are capable of

Elisa J: If you could do this all over again what would you have done differently to avoid getting eliminated first?
Hoskote: Driven at 150 mile per hour. I don't drive at breakneck speed and I wish I had done that. I did not want to put my daughter in jeopardy by driving fast but maybe I should have drove faster.
Naina: I think as individuals and as a team we couldn't have done anything differently. We didn't want to do anything too quickly and we were calm and took our time. When we found out that we had a significantly delayed flight we were very upset that we couldn't control that situation. When we got to Iquique we did everything we were asked but we got an incompetent taxi driver

eborah B: Who do you hope the winners of last night's episode should give the second express pass to? Why?
Hoskote: I wish we were in that situation.
Naina: We actually didn't get to know the other teams. I don't know on a personal level who I would give it to, but if I had to make a choice I probably would have given it to Oklahoma or the bearded guys

Haley M: What is your advice for anyone considering trying out to be on The Amazing Race?
Hoskote: GO FOR IT! This is the best show on Television. It is so much fun. I would tell anyone who likes to travel and likes adventure to go for it.
Naina: I would definitely say go for it and let your personality shine through. Be genuine about who you are. Show your passion for the show and wanting to race around the world. Don't give up on your dreams. Keep auditioning until it happens

Melis A: I am sorry that you were eliminated first. How long did it take you to complete the fishing leg?
Naina: Not that long. We got into Iquique late afternoon and daylight is really short in the winter. It actually didn't take us very long but it got dark really early.

Tracy M: Although you didn't make it very far in the race, how did you enjoy your experience shared with your dad/daughter?
Naina: It was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I'm not going to lie I was very disappointed it was only one leg but I was very grateful to do it with my dad. We can look back on it fondly and we hope we get another chance to do it again.


--- Quote ---So many teams misread clues, including you. What happened? Were you in a hurry?
Naina: This is actually what happened. We knew we were last and when we arrived at the boating, the other teams were finishing up. We knew it was the end. We did read the clue incorrectly at first ... but what happened was we realized we had read the clue incorrectly, but my dad told me to do it because we knew it was the end and he wanted me to do something. It was actually deliberate that I got into the boat.

--- End quote ---

Best dad ever.

IDK. I have re-watched the episode, and it doesn't seem like that. Anyways, I'll believe them.


--- Quote from: David on October 07, 2013, 11:37:28 AM ---IDK. I have re-watched the episode, and it doesn't seem like that. Anyways, I'll believe them.

--- End quote ---

Interesting. Now that I think about it, the way it appeared makes a little more sense now that I hear from them what really happened. I was surprised when it got dark so suddenly because usually when there are several teams doing a task at once we see the sun set gradually.

But honestly, it is sad to me that they were the first ones out, and especially that they had such rotten luck. They did seem like a potentially strong team, and a good team to root for. :'(


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