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TAR 23: Ally Mello & Ashley Covert " LA Kings Ice Crew-Friends"

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Every season, we have to have a token blonde team aka Misa and Maiya, Kaylani and Lisa, Megan and Heidi etc.

I'm totally not excited to see them. But I will also be holding this judgement... Please, prove me wrong. I'll love you back double if you guys turned out to be the most entertaining team ever. <3

Graduated from CSULB! INSTANT LOVE :hrt:

Check out these pics of the "Blonde Bombshells"!!
"CBS has announced the cast for the upcoming 23rd installment of The Amazing Race. One of the globe-trotting teams is the blonde-bombshell, Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew members combination of Ally Mello and Ashley Covert.
We’ve assembled a number of candid photos, bio information, social media links and more for the duo, Mello & Covert is a great team name btw, who are hoping to ice the competition and win a million dollars."


Let's play spot the generic blonde team that will try to emulate successes of BQs but fail!

Prediction: F6-F4

Ranking: Upper-middle tier.


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