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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/27/13

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elissa guys we have to make it to F5 is everyojne down to get out amanda

 spencer yeah they have to get spilt up

 elissa has andy said anything

 judd he hasn't said anything

elissa you think he is really mad at amanda and mccrae judd knows that was a fake fight so he's lying

Amanda is crying in the bedroom amdan there is the show elissa and  then there is the down to earth elissa dn that's  when i feel really bad

 mccrae you just need to turn this around


Amanda is crying saying she feels bad  :pity

Amanda got a zing about her Tramp stamp  from the zing bot

 spencer is clipping his toe nails next to a  cooke :barf:

Aaryn is telling judd everything  that andy helen and mccrae had a fake allaince.. and they said that helen was coming after her sand that;s how come she put her up

 aaryn you are playing a good game by not telling anybody

 judd its just i have to watch what i say to anybody.. i wouldnt want to say incase whoever gets it..

 aaryn that's the only deal i can make. am/mc will not vote for me  no matter what i say they said blatantly NO to my face so GM said that  she would vote for me if i got you and spencer.. and elissa said she would think about it :lies: she told her nothing   :lol:

 aaryn i have no one..  and you know you ahve to do what you have to do and now that andy is uop and i hope that you and spoence will talk aobut it and actually consider it..

 jud i will

 aaaryn what are the deals that andy are makng

 judd he's not making a specific deal..

 aaryn who would he put up he wont put am/mc up ..

 judd yeah he could be blowing smoke up my ass for all i know

 aaryn well he 's in an alliance..   and i should have never put you up

 judd im back now

im done for the night  :waves:

Ok I'm home from work and all settled in

Andy called to DR

Amanda, McCrae and Spencer chatting in bedroom

Aaryn and Judd talking around hot tub

Elissa and GinaMarie chatting in the WR


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