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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/27/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to return back in the game out of the Jurors

Elissa won HOH

Elissa Nominated Aaryn and McCrae

POV Players: Elissa Aaryn McCrae  Picked Amanda  Gina Marie HouseGuest Choice Judd Andy Hosted


Amanda  won POV

Amanda used POV on McCrae

Elissa nominated Andy as the replacement

Andy and Aaryn are on the block and up for eviction

patio crew talking about dogs

 amdna tells mccrae she wants kisses he's still washing the dishes.. and singing :knuckles:

Andy going up to HOH to listen to taylor swift

GM awake and eating

judd i always thought the pool table and the couch were closer together

 elissa were you a super fan

 spencer  yeah

 judd i only watched canada live feeds

 spencer i got live feeds season 6 or 7..   the only season i didnt get was 9

elissa and judd talking about BB cananda

 Elissa i want to meet talla she is funny

 judd yeah i want to mneet talla

 elissa gary and jujillian were my favoites.. i thought he was funny

 judd i didnt like him

 judd that blonde headed girl danielle she was only 20..

 elissa canada is amazing

 judd i think everything is 19 gambling smoking and drinking

elissa i would pay to know what my husband thinks

 spencer im sure he's tickled

 judd yeah im sure he's proud of you


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