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And we begin recap +intro

Wow stunning views of Quebec city.

Clue: FlyTO Iqaluit Nunavut. Search outside for your next clue once there.

Jet Dave leave at 3:05 AM

Doctors + brothers leave at 3:38 am

the doctors have a lot of education debt.

Sisters leave at 3:44am

All teams will be on a 6 oclock flight connecting through Ottawa and Montreal.

Tims leave at 4:15am

All the teams meet at the airport and are all surprised. Jet and Dave are not happy.

Clue is written in the local language. The temperature is -15 celsius.

Teams are asking locals what the clue means. It stands for Sylvia Grinell (Territorial Park). Search vast tundra for next clue.

Sisters leave airport first.

Jet and Dave lost their lead.

Doctors leave fourth tims in fifth.

Brothers first to clue box at the Park.

Search for throat singers by the park.

Everyone got to the park besides the Tims whose cab driver had to use the washroom! LOL

Detour: Harpoon Hunter or Igloo Builder

Harpoon Hunter snowshoe drag partner by sled to a target and shoot at it, and then when done the person who rode in the sled must drag their teammate back to where they began.

Igloo builder: 30 blocks of ice to build an igloo, once the Inuit elder feels it can last the harsh night they will get their next clue.

Detour is also happening at the park.

Jet and Dave choose the Igloo building.

A lot of the doctors patients are from Iqaluit.

Brothers choose harpoon hunter and so do the sisters.

Sisters struggling with the sleds lol. Celina says this is one of the hardest thing she has ever done.


We are back.

Sisters struggling with the sled.

Jet and Dave arrive at the igloos.

THe doctors right behind them.

Tims finally arrive at the singers, and are doing harpoon hunter.

Brothers struggling with the harpoon throwing.

Every team is struggling with what they are doing besides the tims, who just passed the Tims at the sleds. Celina starts crying because the Tims pass them.

The brothers get the harpoon shooting done and are in first heading back.

Doctors struggling with the igloos.

Tim sr sturggles but arrives at the harpoon shooting.

The sisters hand five the brothers as the pass them. Sisters finally at the harpoon shooting.

Jet and Dave switch detours.

THe doctor's igloo breaks apart.

Holly breakdown  :funny:

Holly asks if we should switch brett says no.

Brothers get their clue.

Drive by snowmobile over Frobisher Bay (the former name of Iqaluit) to the Historical Hudson Bay trading Post.

Sisters shoot the target on their first shot. But the tims still pass them.

More holly breakdown lol and says we are making a big mistake.


We are back.

Holly now wants to continue :lol:

Doctors quit and switch to the other detour.

Tims get their next clue and are in second.

Jody and Cory get to the snowmobiles.

Vanessa is struggling at the harpoon shooting but finally got it and are in third.

Sisters are surprised they saw Jet and Dave and ask them what they are doing  :funny:

Vanessa struggling to push the sled and is crying. Holly is helping Brett push the sled is this against the rules?

Roadblock: Who needs to fatten up.

Eat 10 pieces of Raw whale skin and blubber Muktuq (not sure of spelling).

Brothers speeding through the roadblock.

Jet and Dave finish the target shooting.

Sisters finally finish detour and are in third.

Speed bump at the snowmobile. Tims Speed bump lead dog sled team to retrieve a food catch hidden across the bay.

Doctors now target shooting.

Jody finishes the roadblock.

Panoramic outlook is the pitstop for this leg of the race, and I have no idea where this is lol

Jet and Dave are in fourth.

Tims get their catch and are headed back and now Brothers looking for pitstop.

Tims finish speed bump and are now on snowmobile tied with the sisters!

Holly struggling at the detour and says she isnt strong enough :lol:

She took 13 attempts and counting lol

She is crying and saying she will never do this.



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