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Live Feed Updates Monday 8/26/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to stay in the game out of the Juror

Elissa wins HOH

Elissa Nominated Aaryn and McCrae

POV Players: Elissa Aaryn McCrae  Picked Amanda  Gina Marie HouseGuest Choice Judd Andy Hosted


Amanda  won POV

amanda something weird right

 judd yeah unless they didnt work earlier

the camera is zooming in on amanda and she thinks it's zooming in on something else

 amanda what are you looking at!!

amanda  the camera's are ignoring me

 gm is something going to blow up or sumpin

amanda uncle hunter is going around in circles

 amdan rachel is coming in then house right now

gm is screaming it's the apocalypse

 amanda there is something going on

amanda she's getting pandora's box right now and rachel is about to come thru that door


The HGs are freaking...

They think something is going to happen because some of the cams are going crazy

And BB gave them the photo booth


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