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Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/24/13

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mccrae judd came in here with judd and i followed them i  and then i left and they were talking

 amadna that's fine i told gm that she is  trying to make like she is working with judd and gm and i will tell gm that she did the same thing with helen and then i told spencer to  tell elissa that  he needs to get rid of  amand ana aaryn and that gm is working with them too so that spencer doesnt go up

 gm in to the sr and busts up that convo

Elissa was sleeping

And Andy comes in

He just wants to know if he is going up

Elissa doesn't know

She feels its the Amanda & McCrae show

Andy talking about how she feels super betrayed by Aaryn

Elissa hopes she does get the money

Elissa saying she was encouraged to get in agruements with Aaryn

Andy asking if Elissa is going to put him up?

Elissa not sure what she is going to do

Andy is scared if he goes up he goes home

If you say you have the votes I trust you

Andy says it would suck to go home at the hands of friend

Elissa hoping she goes home next week

andy up in HOH with elissa who was taking a nap

andy eliss what the hell is going on are you going to put me up are you going to tell me

 elissa i dont know andy.. it's the friggin amanda nad mccrae show im just so over it.. lets just give them the $550,000 im just so over it

 elissa she came on the show and told everyone she was pregnant.. and .. fishies

 andy it's like jeremy all over again  i didnt fight before jeremey.. and i didnt  yell at him and i felt super awesome when he left and i feel super betrayed

 elissa im not yelliing at her did i yell at her

I'm here for BBAD

Andy and Elissa in HOH talking

Elissa says really anyone is an option.

He hates that she is saying that if he goes up he is going home

Andy if I am going up I don't want to say the wrong thing to the wrong person

Andy the one thing Helen told us before she left was she didn't want us turning on each other

Elissa I agree

Asks Andy who he should put up

He says you whom you think is least likely to vote Aaryn up, and he says he would 100% vote for Aaryn

Andy says he will do what she wants

He feels if you put him up this week "the couple" will decide his fate

Andy if you put me up you are for sure losing a vote for spencer

Andy says Spencer would do what you wanted

He says he's not sure about GM

He can't put words in GMs or Spencers mouth.

But I will for sure vote her out.


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