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Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/24/13

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gm's got her props for the photo booth :lol:

 amanda screams i hear something 

amanda did she get a weird pandora's box.. I heard something at the front door..

 andy judd was just up there with her

 amanda is that why they want us all downstairs

 amanda this is weird though

 andy it could be cuz

 amanda last week we took the same amount of pictures

aaryn and judd go to take pics

 amanda i heard something at the front door. im scared..  im scared that since i was torturing her all day that they  are bringing Rachel in to torture me

Thanks everyone!   :ghug: Time to lock this thread down and move on over to a new day! http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29299.0.html


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