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Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/24/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to stay in the game out of the Juror

Elissa wins HOH

Elissa Nominated Aaryn and McCrae

POV Players: Elissa Aaryn McCrae  Picked Amanda  Gina Marie HouseGuest Choice Judd Andy Hosted


Amanda  won POV

judd and gm in the sr

 judd if it is andy he hasnt win anything..  i just dont want to take mccrae to the finish line

 gm  me too dude but lets wait till this week is over and then see

 judd just that anyone that is with them.. i worked with him since week one and they did that to me

 gm i know  i know

gm is making a sandwich now  gm is turkey supposed to be blue

 andy i will say no

amanda in the cockpit  and back out

elissa heads up to HOH

amanda to spencer.. im gonna make gm my best fucking friend and you need to  go to elissa and say that  we have to get amanda and aaryn out and that gm is working with them too

 spencer ok.. :groan:

hey ugot  :waves: was all into the drama and didn't see you there

Amanda just told Spencer in CP room and told him to go tell Elissa that GM Aaryn Crae and Amanda are all working together so GM will go on the block

Amanda and Crae in SR and repeating her convo with GM and Sencer to Crae


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