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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/24/13

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Back in the HOH...

Elissa & GM discussing how GM feels in response to the comments made about the way GM eats...

Fish in and out..

GM it went to an extent they got a therapist....and fish again

Elissa going on and on about how bad the other side of the house is...

GM says she doesn't need to be on there level

She is going to be herself

She loves playing games and competing

Talking about how the our side of the house drains the positive energy out of the house.

GM says Aaryn over analyzes stuff

GM thinks Aaryn and Amanda must be really fucking crazy to take shit like that, referring to Adderall.

Back in the design room...

Andy talking about how it would be appropriate for Zing Bot to come tomorrow

Aaryn doesn't want to talk about it, because she thinks it will be a hard comp that she won't win

Amanda says shes never had to win a POV until now


GM talking about how she is not a sore loser like Amanda

Talking about how Amanda was like at least I came I second

GM talks about how when Candice fell off she said thanks for the happy birthday

Elissa talking about how Candice was a great person

GM I don't want to have people's back who don't have mine.


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