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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/24/13

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over on 1/2 gm in the kitchen.. saying god help me and she's moaning and eating a HUGE piece of cake

amanda im gonna do what the fuck i want  since you guys do it to me

 gm omg i cantt take you with that and fishies

we are at fish but i can tell you all Hell is breaking loose in the BB house  :funny:


GM and Judd in SR

GM who do you want to go home

Judd depends on who goes up

Crae walks in on them and out

Judd if it is Andy he doesnt win anything but i dont want to push Amanda and Crae to the finish line

Judd they are going to jjuust pick us off

GM I know dude I have known it since week 1

GM lets talk monday

Amanda put the veto on her neck and then we got fishies! :lol:

Lets lock down this thread and cover the craziness on a new one!! http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29296.0.html

GM in KT

BY gang everyone else


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