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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/24/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to stay in the game out of the Juror
Elissa wins HOH

Elissa Nominated Aaryn and McCrae

POV Players: Aaryn, McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, Judd, GinaMarie

amanda it's in question that you and GM are working together..

 elissa that's funny

 amanda when you won HOH  aaryn told her  that we're going on the block and she said she's not.. do you see how she's kissing your ass alll day tell me you dont see it amanda she brought Toilet Paper to you.. it's driving me nuts

 elissa i didnt know

I'm outtie :waves:

In drawing room...

Aaryn talking about a sore she has in mouth...

Aaryn said that she was in mid sentence with GM and she said she need to go eat dinner with Elissa

But GM has said she isn't going to stop hanging with her.

Amanda told Elissa that the house is thinking her and GM are working together

She was like really?  We're not.

Night Ugot!  :waves:


GM & Elissa

Elissa says whatever they say to you block it out

GM Aaryn told me that everyone thinks you are working with Elissa

Elissa says she is good on her word

They think they are master muliplatiors and want to send you(GM) home this week

Elissa whatever they say to you just ignore it

GM thinks its funny that Aaryn told her the same thing Amanda told Elissa

They are trying to pit us against each other.

Elissa they don't not trust us, they don't want us to make it.  They want them to be the final 3

GM talking about how Aaryn can be with Amanda

Elissa say GM is not with you

You should use that for fuel to the fire to ensure they don't stay

Elissa says they are like 3 evel dicks

GM says they use Aaryn has a little puppet

I never told her what to do, I just gave her suggestions

Says Elissa is not the first person to say they she(Aaryn) isn't working with me.

GM just let me know the plan.

Elissa they think we aren't going talk to each other

Make Aaryn feel safe

GM Amnada is crazy telling her things

Elissa Aaryn is the faultly party too

Elissa says she wanted to work with girls,  she will be ally to GM

They both try to get the tv on

Elissa if we don't get Aaryn on this week they will dominate

You or Judd have to win HOH next week

GM telling Elissa that Aaryn talked so much shit about Kaitlin in this house

She can imagine what she told Kaitlin about her

Down in the design room...

Random chatter..


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