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Here ya go  :hoot: a brand new fresh thread to discuss our live feeds! Post away!!

I really think Elissa wants to see what happens with veto, and then put Amanda up as target, so she doesn't have to deal with Amanda on block for a week, and if she wins veto, she can say, she never planned to put her up, and mcc was not her target. She has been careful to say to Judd and even Andy, do you understand what I am trying to do?
This way, if Amanda wins, no one can say she told them Amanda or Mcc were her targets. And she could still get Aaryn out anyway.

thanks KitKat! :<3

I agree with Lily on her opinion of Elissa's strategy. I really do think that Amanda is the ultimate target  :cheer: I am loving watching Elissa be in power and FYI there is no HOHitis on her part either...at least so far. She acts like she has a goal in mind and keeping focused on that goal...I am really impressed with her as HOH thus far  :)

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You are so very welcome deltawba  :hrt:

Anton Chigurh:
I always felt since about week two, that Elissa was sandbagging not just physically, but mentally as well. It's starting to look like that's confirmed, with her wins lately and what she's doing with her first HoH.

With her body and conditioning I knew she could/would be a beast in comps, and now we're seeing the mental side kick in as well.


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