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Was Helen pushed by somebody?



Looks like someone behind in the set reaches over and pushes Helen's leg (which makes her fall) and I believe you can see the face of the person at the last cap.

OMG......... No Way!

Those Bazturdz!!!

We should all cry "Foul on the field!"

I'm serious.


I agree I think it looks like she was pushed or nudged  :meow:

Definitely underhanded....no pun intended.

I think CBS wanted Judd to return but, he's so indecisive and easily swayed.

I'm afraid Elyssa is going to muck this up. She needs to lay off Aaryn and concentrate on Amanda and scare the crap out of Andy. She's going to need Aaryns vote.

That was the mechanism that  moved the platform up and down. you can see it in some of the screen caps i took  of amanda's feet

 And also the door flaps of the platform  slid down and caused Elissa to slip on it


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