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Warning: The following post & replies may contain spoilers if you do not follow our live feed coverage.

Read at your own risk!

Judd is back in the game! 

Now the question is will he team up will Elissa, the new HOH, and rid the house of McCranda or will he try and work with McCranda?

Will he even make through the week? Or might be the victim of the imfamous returning HG curse, and leave almost as quickly as he came back?

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but either way, I have to say I am extremely excited to see J U Double D, Judd the farmer man, back in the game.

I'm so happy he is back, he is the only one I like. I think he will be ok this week there are bigger fish to fry also I believe the only ones happy that he got evicted was Helen and Amanda. :luvya:

That sucks that he's back...the guy is like watching paint dry and listening to him is nails on the chalkboard

I didn't realize how much I missed JUDD!!  Can't understand half of what he says, but I love him!!

I can only understand a small part of what he says, his bottom lip never moves. How is that possible!  :funny:

I am glad he is back though. :)

Welcome to RFF Shari! 


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