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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/23/13

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Elissa and GM just secured their deal they made in the cockpit today elissa wont put up GM and if GM gets HOH she wont put up Elissa

GM thank you..  and thank you for doing my hair..

  oh there's going to be a lot of swallowing pride this week! :snicker:

Judd says he just wanted back in the game.

mccrae you can see how you  were so focused

 elissa when amanda did it they didnt say anything  when they told us we couldnt hang on the wall

McCrae kissing up to Elissa

Saying how Elissa was out there guns blazing

Elissa I just wanted the comp to be over.  And win HOH

Elissa says she did her little saving move, because when Amanda did it they didn't say anything


Aaryn talking to Judd in SR

Aaryn she(Helen/Amanda?) told me if you don't backdoor Judd you're next.

Judd mumbles something ...



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