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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/23/13

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judd taking a 30 min power nap :lol:

andy are you pulling a candice?

judd make sure that im up  by 9

andy and spencer are not letting Judd nap

 amanda to elissa do your hands feel bruised

elissa everything on my body hurts and getting hit with those balls

 amanda sorry for  sleeping all day I ahve to fight to win that veto tomorrow i want to fight.. i want to slaughter the beast

 elissa luaghs

 amanda im going to Enzo anyone who gets in my way

 elissa that's how i felt .. straight up amanda  right??

 amanda where is everybody

 elissa im going to do my nails..

amadna anything new in the hood

 elisa obviously.. umm ya know..  elissa isnt saying much to her :lol:

amanda is gm going to use the veto

 elisa i told her not to

 both get called out for obstruction :lol;

 amanda yeah?

 elissa she's been ballig her eyes out wihich means she's been throwing people under the bus

 amanda yeah i know im  aware  im not going to worry about that..  if  she wins veto who are you put up in her place GM

 elissa i dont know
 amanda me?

 elissa no

 amanda  swear to god?

 elissa amanda!! that  insulted her  religious beliefs

 amanda helen told andy that she didnt want me to win the game so maybe she told you that.

 elissa i had to set it up so everyone would be fired up i didnt want to waste it.. and you guys are going to retaliate agaisnt me..

 amanda if you dont put me up mccrae and me wont come after you

elissa she's been throwing y8ou under the bus

 amanda i know!!!  :meow:

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