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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/23/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to stay in the game out of the Jurors

Elissa wins HOH

McCrae & Andy discussing Judd

McCrae thinks GM will go this week.

McCrae thinks they need to separate aaryn & judd

Andy says he wishes Candice had come back


Judd talking about who he believes was MVP

All he had to go on was what Jessie has to say

Talking about how he saw Candice the next day

The others asking questions about what he did when he first got out to Jury

And we get fish

Elissa mentioned her plan is to nom Aaryn and McCrae with the intention of backdooring Amanda!

Amanda can't believe how Jessie went out.

Talking about how she said "fuck you Amanda"


Spencer did you get to watch your good-bye messages, Judd?

Judd yeah I did



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