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Which evicted House guest do you want back in the BB house?

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I guess it's because I've watched other HGs come back and go right out the door. I remember Kayser came back, let tears influence him to let HOH go and was out the very next week. It was so sad.. and frustrating!  :gaah:

At the moment it looks as though RFF members want Helen back according to our unscientific poll  :juggle

At this juncture, Helen. No question.

She's up on the latest household dirt, at least more so than the others. They have been out of the loop too long and Jess gave Judd misinformation about Helen being instrumental in his demise.

Helen did do Amandas dirty work alright but, Jess wasn't aware of Amanda, McCrea and Andys final four pseudo alliance created just for that purpose. And Helen....STOP going to McCrea! That silly alliance was just a ploy! If Andy was lying to you, so were A & M!!!    :gaah:

Andy needs his butt handed to him on a platter and Amanda needs shown the door.

Helen has just got to win this challenge and return as HOH to put Amanda and Andy up for eviction.



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