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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/22/13

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Spencer talking about how Andy has been called to DR like 5 times today

Amanda they are trying to make him look like the swing vote...

A quiet evening in the house, as Helen appears to have come to term with her coming eviction.

McCrae talking about how today reminds him of a film called "west World"

Where an animatronic went rouge and started destroying the house

HOH talking about the POV comp.

Helen gets a call to DR

Finishes her slop prep first

And tries to clean up a little before going into DR


Talking about GM & Nick

And then discussing how many people Jeremy has banged since the show.

Andy hopefully only 1

Debating if Jeremy actually did have sex with Kaitlin.

Elissa passed out in have-not room

Random chatter in the HOH...

For some reason right now talking about Dick sizes


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