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S27: Rupert Boneham and Laura Boneham (Married)

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--- Quote from: Mug Costanza on September 26, 2013, 12:58:03 AM ---I know people here aren't huge Rupert fans, but seriously... how noble and selfless of him to basically sacrifice himself for his wife. Tough to see him have to say goodbye to Laura. It's so obvious how much they love each other. :hrt:

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I have to say, Rupert's move for his wife happened WAY too early and will probably be the only loving move this entire season (I HOPE I AM WRONG). Just look at how Gervase and Marissa are totally here for the money and put the whole theme of Blood VS Water to shame. The two of them are literally Blood VS Blood and makes me wonder why they were picked in the first place.

I love how the Tina/Katie and Laura/Ciera relationship seems to be the strongest though. Too bad we don't have a father/daughter pairing or a mother/son pairing... Would have been great to see how those pairings worked out.. as compared to like you know, barely few months/years "BF/GF" pairing of Kat/Hayden... and you probably can predict where that will go... *Eric and Danielle ahem*

I hope Laura goes really far (at least to the jury)

Well, glad to see Rupert leave early.  :cheer:

I like them. One of my favorite teams so far.

Laura is a powerhouse at challenges!


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