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Laura Morett and Ciera Eastin (Mother-Daughter)

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Laura receiving 19 votes, the most ever shows she was feared.
Tyson is ruling the roost. He voted for her Day 1, and orchestrated her last elimination. He knew she was a threat.

You just can't keep Laura M around.. look at how she has stuck around even after coming back from RI. I gotta say Survivor edit can really highly influence you to dislike/love a Survivor. In her previous season I was so annoyed by her, but I guess the focus was on how Russell and gang survived till the end.

This season they tried to give her a shady edit too. BUT I DON'T BUY IT. Hello, it's a mother and daughter relationship we are talking about her and look at how protective she is ALL the time?

Just gotta say, it's Aras, Vytas, Katie, Tina and even Ciera herself LOSS to not work with Laura M, because simply, that could have been the Final 6. :res:


--- Quote ---I don't see how Laura could win... Like, what decisions did she make, what alliances did she form? She was lucky to get this much screentime this season tbh  ???

--- End quote ---

What can you really do if people see you as a threat from the beginning and closed their doors on you?? :groan:

If Ciera isn't in HvV2 I will be upset. She could really be placed as a Hero or a Villian, based on how you see her move of voting out her own mother.

I agree.

Ciera <3


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