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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/21/13

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McCrae goes and checks on Amanda

She took a shower...lol

He's going to go eat food now.

Aaryn so proud of herself now...

She says she is wifey material now

The BB house made her grow up

She is excited because the chicken is still juicy.

Helen how did you make it Aaryn?

Aaryn Just followed the recipe on the corn flakes box

Elissa out back doing Yoga stretches

HGs minus Elissa...

Discussing there impressions of the others

Random chatter in the kitchen

Out back..

Elissa: You definetly think Andy is with them

Helen: yeah I do

He's kind of with everybody but his loyalty is over there

You can chose to play on their side to get rid of GM and Aaryn

But I don't know if Amanda would get rid of Aaryn

Elissa: Maybe not and that means Aaryn had a really lucky game

Helen: means you have to do it

Elissa All her wins have been lucky, except that last one

Helen - you just have to live on that wall till the cows come home.  And you can do that

Elissa - I wonder what Candice would say if she had to vote for Aaryn or Amanda

Helen & Elissa both think she would cry

Elissa - do you think Jessie would be upset

Helen - yeah I would

Elissa wants to know what Judds strategy was

Helen says they will have a few beers and get down to it

Helen talking about how Judd wouldn't give her or Elissa a hug

Discussion of how the plan was to backdoor Judd at the DE period

Helen tells Elissa Judd didn't want either of them in jury

Elissa thinks maybe he wanted one of them out

But she is sure it all happened because of Amanda

Helen says she will ask Judd "if" she goes to jury.  She's trying to figure out to avoid it.

She tells Elissa she doesn't want to see her there unless it's the end of game

Helen wonders if you wear a mic in jury

Elissa doesn't think so


Random chatter


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