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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/21/13

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Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn won HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)

Have Not Comp Big Black Box

America voted Head Cheese and Habaneros as the Have Not Food

Have Nots are Amanda Gina Marie Helen and Elissa

Aaryn Nominated Elissa and Helen to be on the Block

POV Players Elissa Helen Aaryn Spencer Gina Marie Andy picked as HG choice McCrae Host


Elissa wins VETO

Elissa used Veto on herself

Aaryn nominated Spencer as the replacement

Spencer and Helen are on the block up for Eviction

Up in HOH...

Helen, Spencer, and Andy....

Talking about Movies.

Down in the kitchen..

Aaryn & GM...slop cooking and slient

Helen leaves HOH...

Spencer talking with Andy...

About GM killing someone, getting locked up in a mental hospital, or driving her car off a cliff

Andy laughing

Spencer it's funny the concepts she doesn't get

Andy I know what her facebook likes even though I've never seen it.

Photos from her in the car and each photo has 96 likes.

McCrae just walking around HOH

Mash potatoes being made....

Andy you can tell Helen has gotten her success by being cut throat

But she is goofy

Spencer I can see people hating her

McCrae that's what she said

Andy I am conflicted about how she is being portrayed on the show

Spencer I think just as we are seeing her

McCrae Yeah I don't know.  Someone said she is from VA and could be a CIA agent

Spencer there is no way she does what she says she does

Andy what do you mean?

Spencer I think she did that at one time

Andy she is a lobbiest

McCrae that's a cool job

Spencer says dinner is ready, they head down


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