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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/20/13

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elissa listening to music the HOH room cleared out

1/2 mccrae and amanda outback.. mccrae is telling her that if she was up against andy she wouldnt stay.

amanda i dont like that they pull people aside and talk to them and cry

 mccrae  if you didnt say anything then  it wouldnt be the case.. that's the route you picked..

 amanda im going to say something to her..

Amanda complaining that Helen is campaigning against her, and not even the person she is on the block againist

McCrae that's because you a Evel Dick

Amanda I'm not evil

McCrae ED didn't sleep his name like evil either.


Amanda i'm just playing my game.  This is who I am

McCrae it's working.  There is no way they are going to keep me. 

He starts running the situations

Amanda says Spencer & Andy would save you

McCrae not so

McCrae thinks Amanda would stay over him

Amanda if I was up against Andy I wouldn't stay

McCrae agrees with that

Amanda its just annoying how they pulled everyone into the room, and talked shit about me

McCrae if you hadn't said anything to her, you wouldn't have been in this situation

Amanda I can't help who I am

McCrae hopes GM wins HOH

Amanda why?

McCrae I hope anyone wins it over Elissa, because then it will be scramble town

Amanda who would GM put up?

Elissa & Spencer

McCrae says he would only put you up as a replacement, which wouldn't matter

Spencer pokes his head out, and tells McCrae the food is ready.

Aaryn aka poopy comes out back and Amanda says Hi Poopy,

She answers back with hi poopy

and heads over to the washer/dryer

Amanda everybody's reactions are to my actions, so I can't feel bad for myself

I just don't want to be the bitchy girl who was mean to everyone

McCrae why not? It's pretty bad ass.  I don't think you were mean to anyone

Amanda I wasn't mean to anyone.

McCrae says we should be fine unless Aaryn's lying

I'm only concerned if GM gets HOH and puts up me & you

McCrae really believes Spencer has their back

Amanda yeah

McCrae he's not like her

As long as Elissa doesn't win we should be set.

Talking about Helen how she is trying to be nice to her face, and then strong arm people behind her back

McCrae says even Andy has said Helen has been getting to him

Amanda so as long as I stay quiet

McCrae and don't get into anymore of those stupid fights.

Everyone is going to lay low as fuck now.

Night Ugot!  :waves:


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