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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/20/13

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Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn won HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)

Have Not Comp Big Black Box

America voted Head Cheese and Habaneros as the Have Not Food

Have Nots are Amanda Gina Marie Helen and Elissa

Aaryn Nominated Elissa and Helen to be on the Block

POV Players Elissa Helen Aaryn Spencer Gina Marie Andy picked as HG choice McCrae Host


Elissa wins VETO

Elissa used Veto on herself

Aaryn nominated Spencer as the replacement

Spencer and Helen are on the block up for Eviction

elissa up to HOH so the elissa HOH bashing ends for now talk moves to candice

 andy if she was back her you would be in jail

 gm yeah like the rest of her family!!

gm is hyper she is all over the place

andy what's the story about the picture

 aaryn my dad is a photographer and that's when he first started out

 gm  that looks like a real model.. and finishes

gm i had a cat and a gold fish.. the cat was call minnie Z.. and she is  rambling off all her pets

aaryn did you name it  whity after 7 crazy nights

 gm no i didnt name it after that jew movie :groan:

Amanda & McCrae out back...

McCrae talking about figuring out how to tell GM & Spencer about the plan to backdoor Aaryn.

We just have to make sure we don't go up initially.

McCrae says he is going to tell Helen he can't vote for her because she is bully.

Says he probably can't tell her that till Thursday, because otherwise she might tell Elissa about the final 3.

Amanda yeah

And Fish


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