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We are back.

Cory does the roadblock for the brothers.

Cory fails at first shot at roadblock.

Tims are lost.

Vanessa is struggling.

Holly fails as well.

Jet and Dave finish the ;lacrosse task.

Edge of Battlefields park = pitstop for this leg of the race.

Jet and Dave finish the roadblock first.

Clue: Plains of Abraham. Play national sport of Canada: Lacrosse, make pass to teammate and each member has to score a goal.

Tim jr does the roadblock.

Holly and Cory finish roadblock.

Vanessa fails roadblock. Tim jr tells Vanessa the answer to the roadblock LOL by accident, and she gets it.

Jet and Dave first. Three in a row. Prize: Two round trip tickets to anywhere in Europe.

Tim jr struggling at roadblock.

The doctors struggling at the lacross task.

Tim jr finally gets the roadblock done.


We are back.

Doctors finish the lacrosse task.

Doctors take the sisters cab.

Tie for second place: Doctors and the Brothers.

Sisters finish lacross task and tims just arrive.

Tims behind the sisters.


We are back:

Sisters beat the Tims to the pitstop. Jon announces them in 3rd, but they are in fourth.

Tims are in last, and this is a NEL

Next time: Iqaluit, Nunavut Dog sledding, igloo making. Celina struggles to digest a local delicacy, epic foot race to the finish line can change the game forever, and we end with one of the sisters telling the other to shut up! (LOL)

Jet & Dave are doing really well. That fake clue was really funny. Did anyone catch Jet saying bueno to a cab driver? :lol:

I think Tim & Tim would have finished last regardless of whether or not Jr. helped Vanessa. They're really lucky, lol.

These challenges are getting much better. :)

and Nunavut next week looks promising!


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