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--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on July 22, 2013, 07:18:17 PM ---IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.
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And it starts recap of last leg + intro

Wow stunning scenery of Saskatchewan!

6:15 Am Jet and Dave.

Fly to Quebec City. 300 dollars for this leg.

After arriving get to: Levis Forts National Historic Site , built to protect from a USA invention.

lol Jet and Dave have bad French and say we want to be the mushrooms of the race (instead of champions)

Vanessa and Celina leave at 8:26, they want to come in first to win a prize.

Jody and Cory leave at 8:40 am, Doctors at 9:15 am

Jet and Dave on first flight leaving at via Toronto


Tims/Sisters on

Rest on
12:33 am 

At Toronto airport the last two teams get on a flight landing at 8:45pm. That means Tims and sisters on last flight?

Doctors have a French advantage.

HOO at 10am so all teams will be caught up. Teams need to spend the night here on sleeping bags (already set up).

Jet and Dave bored, so they create a fake clue to make teams to check the cannons for the clue (directed at the sisters :lol:).

Cory and Jody run lol at the cannons and fall for the fake clue.

All teams leaving at 10:am looking for the clue all over the fort.

Jet and Dave find it.

Take a ferry across t lawrence river and funicular to find statue of Samuel de Champlain founder of Upper Canada outside Chateau Frontenace.

All the teams except Tims found the clue.

Jody changes his leg (into blades)

Jet and Dave arrive first to ferry terminal and make it.

Tims still struggling to find the clue and finally get it.

Sisters make it onto the first ferry. So those two + jet and dave first.

Cory/Jody and Doctors miss the ferry.


We are back.

Tims catch up to the doctors and the brothers.

Jet and Dave and sisters are on the funicular.

Jet and Dave dont think the sisters are good competition.

Clue: Detour: Sculpt it: Ice sculpting star house or boat use chisel  to create a replica of one of those three.

Spot it: Park the seitere. Look at replica of a mural and then find the missing items by going to the actual mural by walking and then use the french words to identify the missing items.

Girls switch detour from spot it to sculpt it.

Jet and Dave rejected on first try.

Tims choose sculpt it.

Jet and Dave get it on their second shot. Make your way to: place de Universite de Quebec

Jody and Cory just realize its in French the words!


We are back the brothers ask a local for help in French.

Doctors arrive at the station for french placing.

Doctors go for a second look.

The Tims mess up their ice.

Sisters are rejected on their first try.

Jet and Dave at the Roadblock.

Who's ready to... Batter up?

Take order for savoury and sweet order crepes, translate crepes (french ingredients) and then cook the crepes and plate it.

Cory and Jody rejected on their first try for the detour.

Dave does the roadblock. Doctors are rejected for the detour.

Sisters get their clue and are in second.

Place de Universite. Taxi driver is asking the sisters which university and they do not know which one!

Doctos rejected again at the detour, and try again and get their clue and are in third.

The brothers get their clue. Tims are in last.

This roadblock is hard.

Tims finish the detour.

People are having trouble finding the Place de l'Université-du-Québec. Tims are told two different time estimates.

Doctors arrive along with the sisters and the brothers.

Holly, Vanessa do the roadblock, and for the brothers I didn't see it before it went to commercial.


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