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Live Feed Updates Monday 8/19/13

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Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn won HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)

Have Not Comp Big Black Box

America voted Head Cheese and Habaneros as the Have Not Food

Have Nots are Amanda Gina Marie Helen and Elissa

Aaryn Nominated Elissa and Helen to be on the Block

POV Players Elissa Helen Aaryn Spencer Gina Marie Andy picked as HG choice McCrae Host


Elissa wins VETO

andy omg i cant beleive this is working

 mccrae i am scared that elissa is going to go rogue

 andy i think she will listen to me

amadna i told  helen that  i trust elissa more than her

 andy spencer thinks you will win this so he wants you out..

 aaryn  he just beat me in the last comp..

 amanda we'll have ti figured out  by next week

 andy we had this alliance except we subbed in aaryn for judd..

 amanda they can  refer to us like the 3am alliance and they will know who were are  like we are the brigade..:groan:

im done for the night! :waves:


Helen & Spencer in the cockpit

Discussing if Spencer will go up or not

Spencer is thinking he will go up

Helen it could be anyone

Helen apologizing for something she did earlier

Spencer I think you are an awesome person

Helen talking about what she said about Spencer in DR

They both agree they will be friends after this game

Spencer says he has no bad blood, he's not a grudge holder

Helen admits she held some on him, because of MC

They hug, and leave the cockpit

I'm here for BBAD

HOH gang discussing scenarios for the coming weeks

3AM Alliance...

McCrae I don't want to win the HOH for final 5. 

Aaryn why?

McCrae because then you can't play in final 4 HOH

Andy that comes down to the veto

Spencer comes in

Talks about making dinner.

Then briefs 3am on what she told him.

Spencer says she brought up the "I told you I'd get you to jury"

Discussion of how Helen was trying to get Spencer's vote, if Amanda went up

Spencer says it was ridiculous to watch her be like Jessie from last week

Amanda was Elissa there too

Spencer no, she was making muffins

Apparently Elissa is allergic  to the Slop?

Talking about how Helen's think is on this, and it makes no sense.

Spencer it was her strategy to say she loved respected me, and then try and get my vote

Aaryn jokes she will throw Amanda for a loop and put her up

Spencer will tie the record if he goes up,  Spencer forgets the names of the most time on the blocks.

Talking about BB records

Aaryn wants to know who won the most HOHs in BB history one season

McCrae wonders if they have a record book

Spencer thinks so

Andy & Spencer discussing how Helen denied having game talk with Spencer.

Amanda says there is nothing Helen could say to her to get her vote.

McCrae & Amanda leave HOH


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