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A hilarious political show on ABC, legitimately the best Australian non-TARAus show ever. Does anyone else watch it?

Yes. I love watching it especially because its election time. We pay for it we might as well watch it.

Did you watch the most recent episode? The spoof tweets are so funny!

'Islams of the Sri Lankist religion are not welcum in Australia' - StephanieOneNation

'I have a six point plan for not looking like an idiot, but I can't remember them' - Jaymes Diaz

Also, the Bob Katter interview was SO HILARIOUS!

'Recently a Labor MP was denounced for saying that Abbott was reverting to the white Australia policy. This was denounced because it made Abott look racist or it made Abott look like he had policies? <3

On The Daily Show, an American comedy show, the host pointed out that even though Australia's campaign is only about one month (in contrast to the USA) there's still people who have basically screwed up there campaign just like American candidates did. There was a crazy woman, similar to Michelle Bachman, a guy who could not state a single part of his multi-part plans, just like Rick Perry, and then, there is an Australian version of Anthony Weiner.

Which crazy woman? We have lots :lol: And Jaymes Diaz not remembering his policies is hilarious! The Anthony Weiner guy is, well, crazy :lol: How long do American campaigns go for?


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