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X Factor Australia (Season 5)

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Glamazon Racer:
inb4 we never hear these people's names ever again after two weeks or so (happens almost every year on these annoyingly repetitive singing shows, except Jessica Mauboy <3)

Just listened to Dami Im, and I'm absolutely, really obsessed with her (voice)! :colors
She sounds so good, I could listen to her all day!

WinTar is absolutely right. Waiting for Dami to take over the world's market soon. Give her some years, she will be there. <3

Glamazon Racer:
She's not bad, but I didn't think any of the Final 3 were particularly incredible to be entirely honest. Not that I watch the show, but I heard bits and pieces of the final.

You need to watch the entire season to be able to give a fair critique of Dami. :)

Her best performances were during the first five weeks and last three weeks of the competition, which is literally every but one week.


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