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X Factor Australia (Season 5)

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I officially hate Ronan. He wants to win so badly he's running down the contestants as if his conscience is clear. Dami was phenomenal this week, Jiordan was great and it was such a catchy song choice. Talk about his own contestant, Jai, who doesn't even deserve to come this far. :res:

Althought I don't really like the show, I am forced to watch it because of my cousins.

That Jai kid sound like a 6 year old girl and the only person I really want to see win is Dami and yes Rohen is a sore looser.

Dami will win surely with Third d3gree in the final

Jai, -_-

Dami plz win thx.

Wow, THIRD D3GREE gave a really good final showdown performance.


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