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Football challenge unfair for Hal and Joanne?

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Okay, I was so ticked that Joanne and Hal got eliminated that I deleted the recording and timer from my PVR.  They were eliminated not by skill or luck, but purely because they were a threat.  I guess this is part of the game I don't like but will have to accept.
Now I'm trying to think back on the show and didn't the doctors get special treatment in the pass and field goal portion of the roadblock? Didn't they only do a 10 yard pass and kick compared to the others 30 yard attempt?
The opening clip had Jet and Dave, one of which was a high school kicker I think, kick what seemed to be a very long field goal and catch a very long pass, while Holly seemed to catch what seemed to me just a toss from the quarterback which made them beat Hal and Joanne who I thought also caught a longer pass and kicked a further field goal.
Was this just a trick of the camera or did Hal and Joanne get burnt?

The pass could have been hard, but the field goal was about 10 yards which is basically as easy as it gets


--- Quote from: Bwils927 on August 18, 2013, 12:42:27 AM ---The pass could have been hard, but the field goal was about 10 yards which is basically as easy as it gets

--- End quote ---

Easy for the doctors if theirs were 10 yards, but harder for the Body Breakers if theirs were 30 yards! If anyone still has the recording and can double check if this was true, it could mean that the challenge was unfair.

I had to download the CTV app. 

I'm not wrong. Jet and Dave are the first to try the event.  Their throw is a bomb from the 50 yard line to the 10 yard line.  Everyone else's is a post pattern from the 40 to the 20 yard line. The field goal attempts are all from the 10 yard line.

Unfortunately for Hal and Joanne, it does not alter the outcome.  I still think they only lost because others seen them as a threat.

Trick of the camera. I was at the stadium watching. Jet and Dave were at the stadium nearly two hours before anyone else. For them, they only had cameras being held be people. When they left, tripods were set up on the field to get a better angle of the "catch a pass" portion (if you look at the blog post I wrote, I have video of Jody and Cory performing the detour and you can see the cameras in question). That camera angle probably attributed to that perspective shift.

Coach Jones was always in the same spot for the pass. Though I can't say the same about the field goal kick. We were at the wrongend of the field for Jet and Dave's attempt. When they left, and a few "crowd reaction" shots were filmed, we moved closer to that end to see the action better. For the remaining teams the kick was from the same spot tho.


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