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Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/18/13

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Andy congrats.. come here.. that was so funny you completely Enzo'd me..

elissa hit Andy in the eye with one of the disc from OTEV he's got a black eye! :lol: corrections it was just marker

 andy im so glad ingot to compete in that one

Mcrae (host) dressed like a safari guide.

Haves eating cold pizza.

Andy so happy he didn't win LOL

Mc going up to ask AA if she wants to eat.

AA in shower, GM washing her hair in hot water in HOH BR

Sounds like a lot of physical fighting for name tags

Andy has a black eye.

Shades of Enzo and Ragan

Andy says Elissa was a beast in that comp.

Andy claims he was really trying to beat Elissa

helen asks mccrae if they are good

 mccrae yeah we're good

 helen and so aaryn will put u p spencer

 mccrae oh yeah,..

helen she seems mad..

 mccrae she will be good  it's just that she cant eat

 helen ok


Amanda & Andy...

In HOH talking...

Discussing that Elissa won the POV

And how Helen feels Safe now, because she "has" Andy  & McCrae and McCrae can bring Amanda.

Amanda it makes sense to get rid of her (Helen) because Spencer will go after Elissa.  We need to break those two up

Andy yep.


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