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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/17/13

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Cockpit room talking about Jessie...

Spencer says it made him feel good that Jessie had a sex dream about him

Andy says he only had one sex dream about someone in the house

Spencer talking about the first sex dream he had.

GM has joined the cockpit group...

Just random chatter

Discussing the "wet mics" that some of the HGs have gotten.

Talking about coins they pulled for something?


Cooking of slop, no convos...

GM talking about all the illegal stuff she has done...

When she bought her car the guy made up a receipt saying she only paid $1000 so she only had to pay tax on $1000

Inspections for the car, done on a different car, but tied to her car to print the sticker

Talking about the veto  comp and if they had punishments what they would do to make sure they won it.

Amanda has joined the cockpit group...

Talking about the craziest name person they ever dated.


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