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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/17/13

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Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn wins HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)

America voted Head Cheese and habaneros as the have Not food

Have Nots are Amanda Gina Marie Helen and Elissa

Aaryn Nominated Elissa and Helen to be on the Block

GM if i dont get picked for POV im gonna be pissed

 gm if you get HG choice who are you picking

 aaryn you

 gm one person sits out..

gm im gonna be pissed if i sit out.. i want to win one veto..

aaryn how cool is it that there is no mvp  and i have a 5 out of 7 chance

 gm i hope that andy mccrae and amanda will keep their word

 aaryn they will  and it wont matter if we go up cuz we have the votes ..

Elissa eating solop

amanda is making some as well

elissa dont you think judd will get AFP

 amanda only if you are gone.. i mean think about it.. all the people that liked judd the only reason that he won it was because you were taken out of the ranking

Night everyone im heading out :waves:

The last 3 guys in the house...

Random chatter

Night Ugot!  :waves:

GM & Aaryn discussing

McCranda upstairs

Aaryn doesn't think McCrae threw the HOH.

Discussing wha the veto could be tomorrow

Aaryn it better not be that hour long thing.

GM how do you do that, count to 900

Aaryn talking about how they distract you.  And if they pour bugs on her she would freak

And now GM is bashing Elissa again.

The Candice vote discussion.

Aaryn I would rather have Amanda here, then Howard & Candice

GM Yeah

GM tries to say Aaryn blows Janelle away.

Aaryn like no.

Feeds jump to the kitchen...

Amanda & Elissa...

Feeds come in at the end discussion, no idea what they were talking about.


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