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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/16/13

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Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn wins HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)

Helen's meat is still raw so it's back  in the oven for it

Aaryn changing....

LR talking about Jessie.

Talking about the comment Jessie made about Judd's d**k.

Spencer thinks Judd would have no problem getting hard.

Andy joking about Judd being a total dick, and says he probably got a good edit

Andy wonder's what is up that "Playing it save bullshit"

Getting judd out was a big move.

Helen from the kitchen talking about started a tweet war with the person who says that.

Aaryn & Amanda in bathroom

Discussing how the noms should go down this week.

Amanda says you are not going to have any added blood your hands.

She was coming after me anyways

Amanda yeah, if me, Andy, or McCrae would of won it we'd a been fucked.

You have a reason

Aaryn leaves the bathroom and to the kitchen to check on Helen's food.


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