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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/15/13

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Candice Evicted 7-0-0

MVP Twist is over

9 Person Jury

Aaryn won HOH Comp Summer School

Arryn nominated Spencer and Jessie

POV Players Aaryn  Spencer Jessie Andy Judd Amanda

POV Comp Nailed It

Aaryn won POV

Aaryn used POV on Jessie

Aaryn put up Judd as the replacement  nomination

Judd is Evicted 7-0

Andy won HOH

Have Nots  Elissa Helen Gina Marie and Aaryn

America chose Mung Beans and Mackerel as the Have Not Food

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer on the block

POV players Andy Spencer Jessie Picked  Elissa Helen Amanda  Host is McCrae

POV comp  BBB Movie

Andy won POV

Andy did not use the POV

Spencer and Jessie are on the block and up for Eviction


helen dont forget no matter what where ever you are make the most of it you can always make it positive wherever you are. dont feel like  if you were to leave that would be the end of the show you are a great person most of the time  in the house

jessie yeah well if you keep me in the house what i was would show that it wasnt a punishable  event

helen well i definitely thought about it ya know that's where im at  at this point

GM candice didnt beat us in veto.. it was fucking bootlegged.. she fell on her fat ass

spencer shows us his :ass:  then heads up to the HOH with GM

eliisa  mccfcrae

 mccrae aaryn is super dangerous.. you have to be careful the more she wins the harder she will compete..

 elisa if aaryn is here gm and them will vote for her in the Final

 mccrae yeah we have to take her out soon

 mccrae i think she will win veto.. but i dont thin we  could chance it and jesie is up ther with helen and i cant get in any word with her.. so if you talk to helen tell her that we're all on the smae page and andy i dont think he cares at this point

 elissa i hope it's endurance but my side body  hurts from the  have not seats.. and not ahving a yoga matt

 mccrae if it's endurance she might be able  to beat us

 elissa you think they will give me anything to help it

 mccrae advil but i dont think anything prescribed

 elissa it's not good to do yoga without a yoga matt that's why they make it..


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