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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/14/13

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Candice Evicted 7-0-0

MVP Twist is over

9 Person Jury

Aaryn won HOH Comp Summer School

Arryn nominated Spencer and Jessie

POV Players Aaryn  Spencer Jessie Andy Judd Amanda

POV Comp Nailed It

Aaryn won POV

Aaryn used POV on Jessie

Aaryn put up Judd as the replacement  nomination

Judd is Evicted 7-0

Andy won HOH

Have Nots  Elissa Helen Gina Marie and Aaryn

America chose Mung Beans and Mackerel as the Have Not Food

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer on the block

POV players Andy Spencer Jessie Picked  Elissa Helen Amanda  Host is McCrae

Andy won POV

Andy did not use the POV

Spencer and Jessie are on the block and up for Eviction


wedding preparation going on in the HOH

 spencer and mccrea out back

spencer it will be a good week to get into an argument with jessie..  you just have to put her in her place  with  borderline aggressive side

 mccrae yeah that's what i did with aaryn week 3..

mccrae wants to put on a bad side so people will take him to the end

Spencer sings jessie claire jessie claire sleeping in her underwear when jessie comes out creeper

I'm out for the night gang! :waves:


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