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Tims finish the roadblock in fourth.

Jet and Dave fail detour.


Correction: Jody does the RB

Back from Commercial.

Celina struggling with the RB.

But she gets the clue, leaving the brothers in last.

HollyBrett do Beauty, Tims and BB do Brawn.

Jet and Dave do attempt two for the detour.

They get it on their second shot.

Double U Turn. Jet and Dave choose not to U turn.

Luxury Box between sections 26 and 27.

Pine Island on Wascana Saskatchewan, a park bigger then Central Park.

brothers get their clue.

Another Holly breakdown at the detour.

Hal and Joanne do the detour very quickly and she misses the kick so now has to do the lap.

Tims doing detour and they pass on first shot. Vaness and Celina arrive now to detour.

Tims U-Turn Hal and Joanne.

Jet and Dave arrive first and get a prize of Two round trip tickets to anywhere in Canada.

Sisters choose Beauty.

Holly and Brett fail at the detour. Joanne catches the ball and Hal misses the kick and has to run the lap now.

Brothers arrive at the Detour. Fifth attempt for Hal and Joanne and do it correct. Now its a foot race to the U turn.

OMG foot race to the Uturn with the two teams with the penalties.

They are neck and neck.


Back to foot race. Hal and Joanne beat them to the U turn.

Hal and Joanne U turn Brett and Holly.

ANOTHER Holly breakdown. I can't do it she needs time lOLOL

Tims are in second. Pitstop greeter is a Ukranian dancer.

4 teams left.

Hal and Joanne look like they are doing the detour okay.

Holly is catching the ball.  She caught the ball on her first shot. Now brett has to kick the ball and gets it on his first shot!.

Joanne tells the doctors to F*uck off.

The sisters get the detour done. Bodybreak is likely elimianted !

The brothers complete the football on their first shot. Bodybreak is in last now.

Holly and Brett are in third but get their penalty.

Vanessa/Celina in third and The brothers in fourth.


We are back.

Hal and Joanne finish the cheerleader detour. They hope its a non-elimination leg. They arrive at the pitstop.

They have been eliminated from the race :(

Hal: This race is Skill and Luck

Next time:

Quebec CIty.  Sisters get lost on route. Language barrier. Roadblock Vanessa crushed by crepes.

Sisters choice can prove costly at the detour (one half is the ice task).

IMO very good episode today


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