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--- Quote from: saskvagabond on August 17, 2013, 12:58:47 PM ---And Re: The Fast Forward.

Holly and Brett have a blog they are keeping to raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital. The latest entry actually talks about the Fast Forward:!blog/cryx

"Episode 5 had it all- so much even that a Police-car-simulation Fast Forward challenge, unsuccessfully attempted by most teams (Jet, again we’re lookin at you, and humbly suggest less salivating and more profession-avoidance) was entirely cut out from the episode."

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Ooh, I wish we got to see that. :(

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OMG that sounded like an amazing Fast Forward! <3 And people failing! <3 Sounds like a lot of drama!

This episode is fierce and if we have a chance to watch that FF, it would be fiercer.


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