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--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on July 22, 2013, 07:18:17 PM ---IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.
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And it begins with a recap of last week's episode followed by intro.

Race starts in Whitehorse off the desert.

Make yourself to SS Klomdike in Whitehorse. Steam power ship. Once aboard scour deck for next clue (hidden all over the ship). Caution U turn ahead.

Jet and Dave get clue first fly to Regina Saskatchwan and Jon doesn't introduce the city. Jet and Dave called two cabs one for Holly and Brett.

Hal and Joanne leave at 9:06 AM

Vanessa and Celina leave at 9:20 AM

Flight arrives tomorrow at 8:25am.  Holly and Brett/Jet And Dave are the only teams on that flight.

Tims leave at 9:22 am.

$200 for this leg of the race (not entirely sure).

Every other team arrives on the last flight. Every team says Hal and Joanne is hardest team to beat and are a threat. Hal is on the phone on getting to Regina.

All teams  via Vancouver and  Calgary/Edmonton. 7:45 am is the first flight landing time. 8:25 is the second flight.

Hal is now asking for the earlier flight and they get on it. So they flew to Edmonton then to Regina.

looll Jet and Dave surprised to see Hal and Joanne.

Take blackberry z10 to reveal turn by turn directions for next clue, after using the near communciation feature from the parking attendant.

ROute info get to:

Saskcan Pulse Trading company the largest in the world. Once there they must search through lentils to find two RCMP toys that will reveal their next destination (RCMP Heritage Centre)

All 3 teams on first flight are still searching at 35 min mark. All teams struggling. Jet and Dave find both first.

Get to: (RCMP Heritage Centre) to get your next clue.

Tims arrive at the lentils place and Holly screams to Brett do not worry about everyone else.

Jet and Dave arrive at the RCMP Place.

Roadblock: Experience training with RCMP. Make Bed. They must make the bed of a RCMP room of a cadet and if there is a mistake they must restart. Detail task.

Jet does the roadblock

Tims and Vanessa find the clue. Tims got both. And Vanessa. So tims in second  Vanessa in third.

Holly breakdown.  Holly hits her head and has had one hour of sleep...


And we are back and Holly breakdown.

Back to RCMP place. Jet is getting inspection.

LOL task master I don't know what training you got but this isn't to our standards.

Tims arrive at RCMP.

Who is ready for Bed? Roadblock question.

Tim Sr does roadblock.

Jet is at the RB for 2 hours +

H/B and H/J are there for 2.5 hours.

Holly asks to take the penalty. and they agree. They are agreeing to take the penalty. The penalty is 2 hours.

Hal and Joanne also take the penalty.

Celina does the RB.

Celina cries, and RCMP we don't cry.

Tim Sr doesn't pass inspection. It comes down to the smallest of details.

This roadblock is taking forever. Hal and Joanne arrive. Joanne does the roadblock. Brett does the roadblock.


And we are back. Hal asks Holly if they took the penalty.

Jet does it well and gets the RB.

Make your way to I love Regina landmark at City Hall. They must learn a couple Ukranian dance moves here.

Jet says should we u turn one of the penalty teams.

Joanne and Brett all faill the roadblock.

Jet Dave get their clue. Rider Nation.

What is like to be on the field.

Brawn or Beauty.

Brawn practice football skills under Khari Jones watching (former CFL coach). If they fail they must take a lap around field they will get their next clue.

Beauty: Learn Cheeleader routine and preform it to Riders Fans to get their next clue.

Joanne and Brett pass.

Cory does the RB.

Jet and Dave choose Brawn.

I swear I thought I was following Tim and Tim from the airport that morning. Must review my video footage that I took.


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