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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/13/13

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Candice Evicted 7-0-0

MVP Twist is over

9 Person Jury

Aaryn won HOH Comp Summer School

Arryn nominated Spencer and Jessie

POV Players Aaryn  Spencer Jessie Andy Judd Amanda

POV Comp Nailed It

Aaryn won POV

Aaryn used POV on Jessie

Aaryn put up Judd as the replacement  nomination

Judd is Evicted 7-0

Andy won HOH

Have Nots  Elissa Helen Gina Marie and Aaryn

America chose Mung Beans and Mackerel as the Have Not Food

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer on the block

POV players Andy Spencer Jessie Picked  Elissa Helen Amanda  Host is McCrae

Andy won POV

Andy did not use the POV

Spencer and Jessie are on the block and up for Eviction


just chatter chatter

GM talking about her hair

Crae talking about the Bible

Spencer talking about a movie?


Jessie to Andy something really weird is going on between me Helen and Elissa and Helen hasn't looked me in the eyes in 2 days and she is spending so much time with Spencer

Andy I told her to spend time wiht Spencer so he doesnt know he is leaving but i will pull her aside and ask her she will be honest with me

Jessie if there are other people that will have my back over her then I would consider it

Andy yeah just let me pull her aside and see WTF is going on

Jessif Helen and Elissa dont have my back and Crae and Amanda would then I would consider

Andy yeah yeah let me talk to her and I will get back to you

go talk to her yourself Jessie Andy is a liar...well so is Helen  :funny:

Spencer moving the trash can

work tomorrow so I am out  :waves:


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