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Live Feed Updates Monday 8/12/13

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Candice Evicted 7-0-0

MVP Twist is over

9 Person Jury

Aaryn won HOH Comp Summer School

Arryn nominated Spencer and Jessie

POV Players Aaryn  Spencer Jessie Andy Judd Amanda

POV Comp Nailed It

Aaryn won POV

Aaryn used POV on Jessie

Aaryn put up Judd as the replacement  nomination

Judd is Evicted 7-0

Andy won HOH

Have Nots  Elissa Helen Gina Marie and Aaryn

America chose Mung Beans and Mackerel as the Have Not Food

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer on the block

POV players Andy Spencer Jessie Picked  Elissa Helen Amanda  Host is McCrae

Andy won POV


Elissa and GM making have-not foods.

Feeds cut up to HOH...Andy

Then flip back to kitchen

Helen & Elissa discussing the unitard curse.

Elissa says that is the one punishment she wouldn't want in the game.

Helen Jordan wore the unitard and won.

Elissa points out she won the season she didn't have to wear the unitard.

Aaryn talking a cold shower

Elissa and Helen prepping slop

Amanda and McCrae being lovey dovey in their bed

Feeds 3/4...

Amanda & McCrae...

Amanda says you are making me look like an idiot

McCrae it makes me look dumb.

Amanda whispers something I can't even hear.

Amanda why don't you tell him the way you feel.

McCrae says he has told DR he wants to go to the final 2 with her.

McCrae telling Amanda about a  convo with Andy earlier, talking about how he feels for Amanda.

Amanda says you are going to feel stupid when you see the show, an I have trusted you 100%

Amanda asks if he trusts her and he says yes.

Then stop saying you don't it make me look stupid

Clowny listening on everything....Damn that Clowny


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