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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/10/13

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Candice Evicted 7-0-0

MVP Twist is over

9 people will be in the jury

Aaryn won HOH Comp Summer School

Arryn nominates Spencer and Jessie

POV Players Aaryn  Spencer Jessie Andy Judd Amanda

POV Comp Nailed It

Aaryn windPOV

Aaryn uses POV on Jessie

Aaryn put up Judd as the replacement  nomination

Judd is Evicted 7-0

Andy won HOH

Have Nots  Elissa Helen Gina Marie and Aaryn

America chose Mung Beans and Mackerel as the Have Not food

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer on the block.


Jessie in BY with Spencer
Jessie talking about how somebody told Aaryn they wanted to ditch her
Production is yelling at people now--reasons unknown
Jessie talking about how she burned her lip waxing it
GM now
Complaining about Aaryn and how she takes everything
-GM "I came in once and she was in my drawer"
Joking about making a spinoff of BB "Jury House" Showing the houseguests in Jury. Andy wants to know what Candice and Judd are talking about right now
Amanda says they are making them rerecord goodbye messages?

Four feeds on the design room..

Random chatter about when they can/cannot hear the audience

Talking about how they got keys
Questioning Judds roots talking about how he changed when he talked to Julie
Aaryn says he was playing up a "dumb" act
Comparing Judd to Matt(?) (making up things about wife)
Joking about Andy is going home this week
Andy-- How is that possible im HOH?!
Aaryn says she will attack Juile if Andy doesn't get Pandoras box, then she says I will attack her with Kisses
Talking about audience on live shows, aaryn saying nobody was excited for her
Andy joking about them booing or yelling Bit*h when she won

Group is now discussing memories of the game so far.


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