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I keep getting Gateway Timeouts when I try to edit particularly large pages. In fact, I'm currently finding it completely impossible to change the "Countries visited" section of The Amazing Race (United States)

Are you still having problems with timeouts? Maybe this will give the thread a bump.

By "Gateway Timeouts" do you mean that the pages load so slowly that the server times out? I was noticing that the pages take a while to load, generally.

By the way, you've done an awesome job on the wiki, GB!

Almost all pages load fine.

However, a bad repeat offender is The Amazing Race (United States) page.

Trying to load it or edit it will 95% of the time end up taking me to a page with a picture of a mushroom cloud saying that "something went wrong" and that "Refreshing the page should help". It seems to be generated by the site that hosts the wiki, whose name slips my mind at the moment.

Although, occasionally, I will get a blank page that says nothing more than "Gateway Time-out. The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application." In this case, my edits will have gone through, however. (In the above case, the edits will fail)

It only seems to be this page causing the issue.

G.B.: the whole wiki seems to be 404'd...

Edit: Nevermind, that part's all better.


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