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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/7/13

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Howard evicted 0-7-1

Gina Marie won HOH Bull in a China Shop

There are no have nots this week

THe first 3 people to drop got to pick a box

Helen won the BBQ Cookout and gets to pick 3 people for it  Elissa Aaryn and Jessie - completed

Candice won the $5000

Spencer has to use a bull horn to talk with  for 24 hrs -completed

Thursday will be a Live Double Eviction

America is MVP again

Gina Marie Nominated Jessie and Candice

America Nominated Amada to be on the block as the 3rd nominee

POV players Gina Marie Amanda Candice Jessie Players picked Spencer Judd Host was Aaryn

Jessie wins POV

POV Comp was "Bad Santa"

Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas

Judd won $5000

Amanda has to have a spray tanned every time music is played for 48 hrs -completed

Candice  has to wear a Clownie-tard for a week

Gina Marie has to wear a cone of shame for 48 hrs it can not be removed-completed

Jessie used POV on herself

Gina Marie nominated Spencer as the replacement

Amanda Candice and Spencer are on the block and up for Eviction

spencer and andy out back

 andy i hiope it's knockout it would help me out to see who to trust

 spencer i think jesie will  be picked each round.. and i dont think elissa is quick enough to do well in it

 andy i fel that this might be a DE that would be so awesome

 andy i want to make jury

 spencer you got jury..  you are looking at top 5  cuz yo keep doing what you're doing

 andy anything can change in a second

Helen going on and on and on and on about Jessie  :badhorse:

andy i felt bad  with kaitlin and howard

 spencer yeah howard needed to go

 spencer i will say this before BBAD comes on.. i wonder if it's just being from lower mississippi.. i dont know if it's a cultural thing but something is so odd with him

jesie out back now

spencer howard was good for a while then he started being this weird speech giver.. and i spoke to gm on  it and  she said that  it  weren't even enlgish

 andy i would listen and  be terrified

 spencer the week when i was on the block with jeremy and aaryn he leaned in  and asked me who's the target.. and i said  jeremy

andy  when he gave that speech in the kitchen.. he was looking at me and i kept thinking he would have  this master plan.. whats going on

spencer he didnt i cant wait for you to watch it back :lol:


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