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Interesting tidbit from this article. Apparently the Pitstop was not originally supposed to be Pine Island. It was supposed to be somewhere near the Legislature Building but because the weather was so nice that day (I got horribly sunburnt), they had to change it last minute. Too many people were outside enjoying the weather.


Here is that whole article:

Amazing Race Canada airs its stop in Saskatchewan
Viewers from across Canada got a chance to see some Saskatchewan landmarks and culture as reality-travel series, Amazing Race Canada’s prairie landing went to air Monday night.

The episode featured the remaining six teams participating in Saskatchewan-based challenges – some which are well-known traits of our prairie province and some that were meant to surprise the national audience.

“Part of the show is showing off things that Canadians don’t know about their own country,” said Mark Lysakowski, the Amazing Race Canada’s show runner.

“When it comes to lentils and to the RCMP – I think these are surprises.”

Throughout the episode, the teams raced around the Queen City and visited the RCMP Academy’s “Depot” Division, showed off their Ukrainian style at city hall and had to dig through bins of lentils.

Oh course, being Saskatchewan, they also made a stop to visit the Green and White at Mosaic Stadium.

“If you are going to do football – you go to Rider Nation,” said Lysakowski. “You go to the stadium and you do a challenge.”

The show – aptly titled ‘Death By Lentils’ – was filmed in the Queen City on May 13 but viewers had to wait until Monday night to see the whole scope.

Lysakowski says the weather that day ended up being surprisingly nice – so much that Reginans came out by the numbers to enjoy spring at the Legislative grounds, which was where the show’s “pit stop” – the last stop on the leg where people get eliminated – was supposed to be.

“We couldn’t really do a pit stop when everyone was watching so we had to switch to another spot that was overlooking the legislature,” said Lysakowski, adding that they chose nearby landmark Pine Island instead.

“There was a little change last minute there.”


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